Our Stance On Racial Injustice

Joining the fight for racial injustice involves opening up a clear line of communication and discussing the issues. Breaking the barriers of racial injustice can only be done when we continue to face this challenge and strive to create the changes required to continue to be inclusive and do our part to create equality for African Americans and all other minority groups.

Throughout America's short history, there have been periods when the topic of racial injustice has come to the forefront traditionally due to a tragic event, which spotlights the nation's eyes on one of the challenges still facing millions of Americans. Once again, with the violent and tragic deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Brianna Taylor, and George Floyd, several individuals across the United States and the world have taken part in peaceful protests to mourn and raise awareness regarding systemic discrimination and injustice bestowed up the African American community.

We join in with other people throughout the 50 states and the world who have peacefully raised their voices to take action and support the changes required to provide justice for everyone. Facing the challenges and finding solutions to create the change needed to facilitate a better future involves reflection. Focusing on the current situation in our country and discovering ways to help eliminate the maltreatment, wrongdoing, and unjust behavior that still exists today is desperately needed.

Think about racial injustice differently

One of the ways to begin this healing is by condemning all of the negative actions taken by individuals who are still propagating the evil required to keep racism alive. We stand against these actions and are opposed to any type of discrimination, whether it's based on race, age, ethnicity, or gender. We support and welcome the response to condemn the inequality in the United States that has negatively affected millions of African Americans throughout history.

Often in the past, these types of tragedies and the actions responding to the challenge have slowly shifted to some other kind of coverage, news clip, or soundbite. Hopefully, the peaceful protests occurring this time, which include people from several different ages and races, will spark the positive turn needed to eliminate the negativity that lingers from this type of injustice to our fellow Americans.

During these uncertain times, several people are hurting. We see the injustice occurring and hope for a decisive catalyst to emerge that can help fuel the conversation needed to address this deep and dark issue that has existed in our communities and nation for several years. Recognizing the wrongs from the present and past is just the beginning of mending the wounds of injustice.

In hopes that this time it will be different, we feel it's essential to continue sharing the types of conversations required to break the barriers holding back our society. Listening to the unjust stories and experiences of our fellow Americans may help us understand the actions we can take to help combat this challenge. Doing what we can professionally and personally to foster an environment built on equality to keep positive change alive is essential.

Fusion CPA - Fighting to eradicate racial injustice

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Fusion CPA joins with the positive voices raising awareness regarding racial injustice that African Americans and all other people of color face. Taking time to examine the problems we're facing and opening up the lines communication required to address racial injustice is a great first step to create the dialog that's needed to facilitate positive change. However, we understand that transparent communion without action will not have the necessary impact needed to help ensure justice, opportunity, and equal rights for everyone.

Our firm was actually created by our CEO, Trevor McCandless, because he identified that many small businesses tend to lack efficient financial systems to support their goals due to entrepreneurs not having accurate financial metrics and guidance when it’s time to make high-level business decisions. We know that now, more than ever, small businesses especially minority-owned businesses have limited financial resources, and urgently need guidance from an experienced CPA. So we have designed an affordable new service offering to help remedy this issue. Taking advantage of this service allows you to connect with a CPA to discuss your high-level business questions and roadblocks each month for less than $100 per month.

We will continue to do our part to empower those who are in an effort to dismantle the elements that still help racism flourish. We understand this requires a consistent and combined effort by all of us to commit to doing what's necessary to make our world more unbiased, considerate, and inclusive of everyone. If you would like to learn more about our Guided CFO Advisory service, please click the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!

Literature About Racial Injustice

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Organizations Dedicated To Eradicating Racial Injustice

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