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Read about becoming a Financial Technology Partner or benefiting from our Strategic Partnerships

Consider Partnering with Fusion CPA

Does your company create software that can help our clients? Or can your business benefit from partnering with a financial services provider specializing in accounting, tax, and CFO advisory?

Types of Partnerships

Let's find a partnership that's right for you

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Strategic Partnership

We can discuss different kinds of strategic partnerships. Our company has been going strong for the last ten years and we're always open to partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Let's talk about growing our businesses together. We'd like to evaluate the situation and see if a partnership would benefit our companies.

Financial Technology Partnership

At Fusion CPA we're always finding ways to improve the financial well-being of our clients. Maybe your company creates tools that can help streamline:

  • business accounting
  • tax prep
  • workflow & processes
  • marketing
  • operations
  • departmental integration

Or your service is something completely novel that we should hear about! Contact us and let's talk about technology partnerships.

Fusion CPA's Employee Journey.gif

A Typical Partner Journey

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Join Our Fold!

Find out about what a partnership can do for your business. We are based in Atlanta and open to partnerships with international companies

We are looking for organizations that also

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Love to leverage technology

embrace transparency.png

Embrace complete transparency

support accountability.png

Support an environment of accountability

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Are passionate about financial services