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Aderant:Mid-Sized Law Firm Accounting

Mid-size Law Firm Financial Software

We have found that the Aderant Expert Sierra software is specifically tailored to the needs of medium sized law firms. Medium sized legal practices have fewer branches than larger firms but are more stable than startups and small firms. Law firm accounting has several solid financial tools with Aderant for general case, financial, document, time and record management. A primary focus of the Aderant Expert Sierra software is to help our legal practice clients to centralize their data, migrating them from different systems and onto the Web. The Aderant activity dashboard enables law partners to view numerous details of their practice in one display. Users can customize the dashboard to their exact preferences. They can track their client’s contacts, payments and activities in their customer database. Numerous day-to-day activities can be automated with Aderant.

Cloud Based Functionality

Aderant Expert Sierra is Web-based, acting as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for our legal practice clients. It is powered by Amazon Web Service (AWS). Our law firm CPAs are fully equipped to explain the key benefits of the cloud-based systems to our clients. Our legal practice clients don't need to pay for servers and can add features, whenever they want when they move to the cloud. Aderant does not have QuickBooks online integration, because it is supposed to be a QuickBooks Online alternative. Even though, there is no Outlook integration with Aderant, yet the software can still improve our legal practice clients' quality of work. In fact, our Atlanta law firm bookkeepers can help our legal practice clients establish risk management plans using the Aderant software. This allows them to reduce write-offs and improve cash flow. Utilizing Aderant’s customizable templates and reports provides a better understanding of the firm’s financial operations. Using this information, our legal practice clients can produce more billable hours per attorney.

Legal Practice Management

Law firms have access the powerful financial tools that the Aderant software offers. The automatic reminders save our law firm clients’ valuable time. The system also has contact and calendar management, along with deadline tracking. Law firms can track their project’s times automatically with the Aderant software time management features. Law firms have been better able to manage their time using the Aderant software due to the task scheduling features. Lawyers can avoid missing important court filing deadlines. The billing rate management feature helps attorneys control their budget. Aderant has email integration, allowing clients to send invitations and reminders through the platform. Legal practices can control payments disbursement and receive real-time updates with the Aderant software. Our Atlanta law firm accountants have noted that the Aderant Expert Sierra software has superior document processing and handling features due to their templates. The Aderant Expert Sierra software has provided a cost-effective legal, time and document management solution for our legal practice clientele.


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