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Bullhorn Recruiting: QuickBooks Online Integration Accounting

For the vast majority of accountants and bookkeepers, there are few applications that can match the effectiveness of QuickBooks Online. Its easy-to-use tools and features allow the user to complete important tasks such as bank reconciliations, accounts receivable, and tax planning.

However, many accountants would argue that QuickBooks Online's best feature its ability to quickly and easily integrate with other systems and programs. In particular, the Atlanta staffing firm accounting experts here at Fusion CPA recommend that companies who are searching for a time and expense management solution integrate Bullhorn Recruiting into their QuickBooks system. There are a number of different ways in which the Bullhorn program can help, such as:

Financial Decision Making

Before a company can make any large decisions, it will first need to take a close look at its finances. After all, you should never buy new equipment or sign a lengthy service contract unless you know that you have the financial wherewithal to make it work. With this in mind, our team of staffing firm CPAs strongly recommend working with the Bullhorn system. By automatically syncing your expense and time management data into QuickBooks, as opposed to manually entering it a few times each month, your company can ensure that its reporting is always accurate and up to date. Of course, if you need any assistance understanding or interpreting your reports, our elite CPAs are always available to help.

Tax Planning and Preparation

For companies who want to minimize their year-end tax bill, it is always a good idea to closely monitor your financial reports throughout the year. By watching this information closely, you can pay the right estimates and make adjustments to your tax plan as necessary. Of course, in order to ensure that you are accurately measuring your financial success during the year, you will need to keep your reports up to date. Our Atlanta staffing firm accounting experts wholeheartedly recommend that you use the Bullhorn system to do just that. With Bullhorn, there is no need for data entry or wasted man-hours. All of your information moves into your reports automatically. When your financial reporting is accurate, you can prepare for tax season with confidence.

If you require assistance in integrating the Bullhorn system with your QuickBooks Online program, Our team of knowledgeable Quickbooks integration specialists are ready to assist you. Get in touch with us today and we will be happy to help you with this or any other accounting issues you may be having.


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