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Can Sales Could By Salesforce Streamline Your Marketing Firm's Bookkeeping?

The world of commerce depends on the two-way relationship between buying and selling. Whether its selling properties, or goods and services, everything we acquire, lose, or gain has a buy/sell element attached to it. For this reason, marketing businesses like yours are growing more and more in popularity during recent years.

A marketing firm, helps businesses get leads that can be converted to sales. They can also help companies grow by assisting owners in deciding on effective marketing strategies. However, the only way for your marketing firm to satisfy your clients is for it to have an outstanding internal management system.

Considered as the world’s number one sales platform, Salesforce offers dozens of efficient features to help you increase your sales. Besides helping you close deals more efficiently, Salesforce also provides various accounting features to help you keep track of your progress.

Reliable And Customizable Marketing Reports

Financial reports are a collection and summary of your marketing firm’s financial standing. They are a great way to get a full view of the current status of your business. Some marketing platforms, however, provide stiff and single design reports. Fortunately for you, Salesforce’s Sales Cloud solution offers a way for you to keep track of your business the way you want to.

You have the power to design Sales Cloud’s customizable sales forecasting reports to show you data you want to view. All you have to do is to drag and drop the fields, filters, groupings, and charts that you wish to edit, and Sales Cloud will provide real-time data regarding your business.

Salesforce’s Wide Array Of Specialized Features

The Marketing Cloud delivers topnotch consumer engagement at scale through their email, mobile, social, and advertising studios. With this feature, you can build, connect, and integrate apps under the enterprise cloud platform. Salesforce offers a wide range of marketing functionalities such as:

  • Heroku - customer app that builds engagement experiences.

  • Salesforce DX - build and deliver continuously with this innovative software.

  • Environments - provides a safe and isolated environment for testing app ideas.

  • AppExchange - more than 3,000 pre-integrated apps that extend the power of Salesforce.

  • Mobile Development- customize the mobile apps with a point-and-click tool

Salesforce CRM Solutions was developed to cover every aspect of your sales marketing process. The platform is designed to integrate the best practices in the marketing industry. These practices include streamlining tasks, optimizing sales cycles, and more. You also have the power to track the life cycle of a lead from start to end accurately.

Salesforce's QuickBooks Online Accounting Integration

Salesforce is a leader in the marketing industry when it comes to providing sales management solutions. However, it cannot provide you with every single accounting function that your marketing business needs. Fortunately, Salesforce’s compatibility with QuickBooks offers the answer to this problem.

Integrating Salesforce with Quickbooks gives you the ability to synchronize accounting data between the two platforms. With this feature, you can easily monitor and manage your sales and expenses through your Quickbooks account. Salesforce will also automatically input your customer information, invoices, and sales order to QuickBooks in real-time.

You can easily integrate QuickBooks to Salesforce using available apps in the latter platform’s AppExchange. However, if you are now sure how to do this, our experienced marketing firm accountants can help you out. After integrating, we can also help you out with our reliable marketing firm bookkeeping. If you want to learn more about our list of outstanding services, click the button below!


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