Expensify: Quickbooks Online Integration Accounting

Expensify software is ideal for streamlining the process of filling out expense reports for your company. Our Atlanta bookkeepers and tax specialists have found that the Expensify software automates a process that many business travelers had previously found to be rather tedious. Multi-company entrepreneurial business bookkeeping is made easier because our clients' hotel, airline and restaurant receipts are better organized.

Automate Expense Writing

Every business traveler has the benefit of being able to expense certain business related travel costs. But, in order to receive payment, they must complete an expense report. Entertainment accounting can be challenging because business travelers might have many other things on their mind (i.e. hosting their client). Previously, the entertainer’s management team would have to keep all their paper receipts and complete a paper expense report when they returned to headquarters. The Expensify software has automated this entire process. This process begins with receipt scanning. Our clients' can scan their itemized paper receipts and import them using the Expensify mobile application. This reduces the chances of receipts being misplaced from one travel destination to another. The Expensify platform is very intuitive, and will "learn" how you categorize merchants so it can automatically apply appy that expense category to that merchant in the future. The software also gives users the capability to generate receipts from online sales. As a result of the Expensify software, our elite bookkeepers discovered that our clients' expense reports were much more accurate. Now, our clients’ employees are keener on completing expense reports thanks to Expensify.

Organize Travel Receipts

Our Atlanta entertainment bookkeepers found the Expensify system structure to be intuitive - the initial view separates information into Expenses, Receipts and Reports that can be sorted by Open, Closed, Processing or Approved. It was easy for our seasoned entertainment accountants to immediately see what has been and still needs to be reimbursed and for what amount. These expense reports were also categorized by project. You can customize the settings to fit your needs. This superior organization has improved workflow, allowing us to focus on expense reports that were still in progress or had not been approved yet. With some software programs, it is easy to get lost and forget the steps. The Expensify software gently prompts you with a box saying - "Next Step." This made it easier for our clients to navigate through the expense report creation and submission process.

Speed Up Reimbursement

Employees like the fact that they can be reimbursed faster. Our team of accountants can close the books on travel expenses faster. Moreover, a company's finance team does not need to waste time continually reminding employees to complete their expense reports. Most employees are able to complete their expense reports faster due to the simplicity of the Expensify software. The customizability of the software assists with Expensify QuickBooks online integration. During Expensify QuickBooks online integrations, our CPAs can create and synchronize categories for accounts, jobs or locations. Our entertainment management clients who travel frequently benefit from more accurate expense reports that are completed faster. Due to the versatility of Expensify, our bookkeepers can use the same naming conventions that they have in QuickBooks Online. This allows for better data management when we need to compile reports for our busy clients. Multi location business bookkeeping has become easier because the Expensify software automates every step of the expense reporting process.


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