Top Email Marketing Companies

Finance Tips for Top Email Marketing Companies

The world of top email marketing companies is constantly changing and dependent upon technological advancements, consumer behavior, and digital trends. Because of the competition in this industry, it is important to consistently focus on the management and growth of your company. By implementing a few financial planning features, you will help to ensure continued profitability.

Break Up Your Business Plan

Having a solid business plan is a great place to start to promote growth and set financial goals. While a business plan might seem like an obvious step in managing a top email marketing firm, it might be surprising to learn that many businesses have no plan at all. Creating a business plan with your accounting firm should focus on the next three years at least.

Then you can break it up into goals for the next year and actionable steps for each month. Establishing an effective plan and measuring progress over time can provide a roadmap to success.

Maximize Profit of Top Email Marketing Companies

Every business needs to try and create a financial source that is tangible and can produce a recurring income. With most top email marketing companies, it is necessary to create never-ending campaigns that require a tremendous amount of skill and creativity. While this is the exact attribute that can set your email marketing company apart from the rest, it can be exhausting.

Working with an experienced CFO firm to identify and streamline services that are easy to offer and are financially effective can change the landscape of your company. For example, offering a ready-made email marketing funnel platform targeting specific industries can be a great income stream. Once the work is done to create the funnel and automated marketing, the system can be sold over and over.

Protecting Profitability

Controlling costs is a critical step in protecting profitability. Working with a financial services firm specializing in marketing companies to create a monthly budget limit for all customary expenses can help to keep all costs within acceptable margins. Expense reports should be routinely reviewed with your accounting partner. It is important to remember that every wasted dollar spent is one less dollar the company makes.

Is there something that your firm does really well? It's important to focus on your main selling point. Include this amazing quality in your financial planning and marketing strategy to really solidify your service. Try to be clear on what your company can offer clients and continue to strengthen your processes.

Email marketing companies should try to diversify their income streams to protect cash flow. If one client represents 25% or more of your total revenue for a month or a fiscal year, you should consider increasing efforts to gain new clients. It is simply too dangerous to have such a high percentage of revenue dependent upon the business of one client. Should you lose that client for any reason, your business would suffer a severe blow.

Get Professional Help

Utilizing a financial planning firm to help measure the time invested in services can help to make sure you are charging enough to be profitable. Often, even top email marketing companies take on a client and under-quote the job because they don't have a complete understanding of the time and effort the project will require. Putting a dollar amount and measurement of time on specific services can help to ensure you charge what the job is really worth. This will also prevent you from taking on clients that are not profitable to work with.

Work with a firm, like Fusion CPA, who understands your business. The inner-workings of an email marketing company are unique, and you need to work with marketing accountants who will make an effort to understand the way your email marketing business works and can help you truly make a financial difference. Working with a great firm can give you the freedom to actually focus on running your company instead of constantly worrying about finances.


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