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Hubspot: Progressing Your Marketing Firm Accounting

Marketing agencies need efficient ways to scale their business while facilitating clients with their marketing initiatives. Fortunately, there are platforms that can help firms maximize their advertising efforts, and one of these platforms is HubSpot.

HubSpot was specifically designed to help small businesses like yours grow. Their developers believe that taking care of the clients is the first step to taking care of the company. This idea is the philosophy on which HubSpot bases its quality services. At its core, HubSpot software offers free CRM, with a full suite of sales, marketing, and customer service for your marketing business. As a powerful combination, these three components work exceptionally well together.

Hubspot's Flexible Integrations

Marketing businesses come with their own set of challenges. HubSpot provides the tools to attract, organize, and maintain leads and customers for these types of agencies. You can integrate Hubspot software with many software that you use daily. Configuring a flexible workflow with codes or clicks, connecting to apps, and syncing data are some of the activities made easier with HubSpot Marketing services.

API integration with HubSpot is flexible, easy, and powerful, for marketing business teams. Having complete control over APIs offers you significant flexibility. Furthermore, minimum coding is required to use the system. Lastly, with the drag and drop editor, you can easily make changes as needed.

The powerful indicators of Hubspot API integrations include:

  • Real-time logs

  • Advanced debugging

  • Powerful logical operators

Quickbooks Accounting Integration

QuickBooks is an essential tool for many marketing accountants worldwide. It provides straightforward solutions for your marketing firm’s bookkeeping needs. Fortunately, your marketing business can take advantage of QuickBooks’ features with HubSpot’s seamless QBO accounting integration.

The QBO-HubSpot integration works with the help of the latter’s very own Connect Beta Integrator feature. This integration helps synchronize the flow of your marketing firm accounting data between the two platforms. This function automates and simplifies the process; thus, eliminating the need for complicated actions on your part. Another great thing you can do with the integration includes the simplistic creation of sales receipts and invoices for your customers. With this feature, you will spend less time accounting for your sales and more time finding more clients.

Our team of experienced marketing accountants is well-trained in using QuickBooks’ functions. We can also help you integrate the two platforms to minimize the probability of errors in your system.

Sales Reporting and Forecasting

The main goal for a marketing firm is to increase exposure and revenue. For this reason, it should be a top priority for you to monitor the movement of every sales deal that you make.

HubSpot’s Sales Reporting feature can be customized depending on the type of data you wish to see. If you want to know the number of deals closed by source or the revenue made on social media by channel, you can do so with just a few clicks of a button. These reports will be shown in the visual format you want to help you see trends and opportunities in your marketing business.

The platform’s Deal Forecast feature provides you with a preview on the possible sales you may make based on your pipeline’s current progress. It uses probability and actual data to create a forecast as accurately as possible. You can then use a more in-depth version of this feature for your sales agents called the Detailed Forecasts by Rep. This feature shows your reps’ sales data such as their actual closed amounts and previously forecast sales. By knowing these amounts, you can gauge the performance of reps, not just in the past, but also in the future.

Our knowledgeable team of marketing firm CFO financial advisers can also help you forecast other parts of your marketing business. We offer a comprehensive set of reporting services such as Cash Flow Statements, Profit & Loss Statements, Sales Reports, and more. With these reports, our marketing financial advisers can help you formulate reliable business to help you steer your company. Call us now to learn more!


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