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Improving Your Inventory Management With ShippingEasy Software

If you're an entrepreneur who is selling and shipping products in the eCommerce world, you know how challenging it can be to keep track of data. While the built-in software that's available with online sellers can make it easier to send out packages, it can be frustrating and painful to get the data you need to streamline your eCommerce accounting.

ShippingEasy is a software solution that can make your eCommerce bookkeeping tasks more efficient and more straightforward to accomplish. You'll also find it comes in handy when you're creating an eCommerce tax planning strategy and marketing to customers. The interactive metrics allow you to see how much revenue you have generated from customers through email marketing.

Streamlining Your Shipping Workflow

Using this software and its discounted rates can help streamline your shipping workflow and makes it easier and more affordable to send out packages, manage orders, organize your packing, track shipments and notify your buyers. It provides a central platform where orders are downloaded in real-time.

Discounted Rates

You also get discounted rates with USPS, which can add to your profits. Advanced reporting provides valuable insights allowing you to customize reports and discover your big winners. Tracking and returns are an integral part of your eCommerce business, which is easy to handle with ShippingEasy, and the software integrates with QuickBooks. This important function makes it much easier and less frustrating to record transactions in your eCommerce bookkeeping ledger.

Maintain the Financial Health of Your Business

Having accurate and detailed books is essential if you want to know the health of your business, especially when you need to make crucial decisions. It can also help you initiate a successful eCommerce tax planning strategy. If you need help with this activity, we at Fusion CPA are here to help. Our experienced and knowledgeable financial advisers can assist in providing valuable insights into the financials of your business and help save you money.

Inventory Management

Making sure you've got an accurate stock of products available for shipping is crucial if you want to stay profitable. You can automate your inventory management process by utilizing this robust software. When a customer needs to send a package back, you can use the tracking and returns category quickly and easily. Analyzing purchase order management and digging deep into the software's advanced reporting feature may even indicate you've got a problem with a product if several people are sending it back.

Staying Connected

Keeping track of orders you place with a supplier is easy to handle with ShippingEasy. You'll have access to a supplier database that is connected to your products. This function provides reporting and allows you to discover when you have sold several products and need to increase your current stock. You can quickly create and send purchase orders and keep track of them.

Gaining Control

Having control over your purchase order management makes product management more efficient. The transparency it reveals means you won't have to waste your time hunting for correct figures for your inventory levels. The dashboard provides valuable information such as active products, low inventory, top suppliers, top products and total units sold in a specific period.

Making Profitable Decisions

Having access to these numbers can provide you with the exact figures you need to make profitable decisions for your business. Bringing in professional assistance with this is something you may want to take advantage of as well. Our team of eCommerce financial advisers are here to answer all your question. We offer eCommerce CFO advisory services to equip you with actionable insights from your reports that can be highly rewarding to your bottom line.

Spotlighting Financial Strengths and Weaknesses

Teaming up with eCommerce financial advisers can safeguard against financial problems and help you find ways to increase your ROI. The role of the CFO is to help create and implement initiatives to fuel growth. By analyzing interactive metrics and assisting with factors such as marketing pricing, product positioning, and capacity, it can significantly change the income and expenses of your eCommerce company.

Comprehensive Reporting

We offer comprehensive financial reporting through our eCommerce CFO advisory service and can assist in spotlighting both good and bad areas in your financials where you may need to apply more focus. The assistance of an eCommerce CPA and eCommerce financial advisers can be highly valuable in helping you reach your short-term and long-term financial goals. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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