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Intuit Integrations with G Suite – What You Need to Know

The top concerns for small businesses are centered on increasing cash flow and reducing the pains of bookkeeping. Entrepreneurs know the value of efficient accounting practices, but are often unable to keep up with it given the many roles they play in their business. Intuit and G Suite set out to tackle this once and for all, developing app integrations that increase productivity and streamline many of the functions demanded for small businesses.

Perhaps the most exciting QuickBooks integration is the one for Google Calendar. Google introduced this at the end of October at the QuickBooks Annual Conference in San Jose. Intuit’s 2016 “The Appification of Small Business Study” found that 56% of QuickBooks customers are using Google Calendar for scheduling and time tracking. The new integration builds off that information by providing an easy way to schedule appointments and time spent on projects in Google Calendar. The app allows for these to be billable and makes them available in QuickBooks, making invoicing clients much more efficient. By removing the need for manual entry, the app reduces work load and prevents human error. It also syncs QuickBooks customers with your Google Contacts, updating new customers automatically so you don’t have to. Best of all, it offers a Chrome extension for an even quicker experience.

A second integration that will prove to be popular is Single Sign On, or SSO. SSO enables customers to sign in and manage their QuickBooks account right from their Google dashboard. This simple time saver just makes life easier for business owners who are busy, enabling them to access their accounting functions without hassle.

SSO has an additional benefit for those small business owners who are still not using QuickBooks. The app offers direct sign up right from your Google account. This reduces the need to fill out information, since most of it is prepopulated right from your Google profile. QuickBooks Online allows small business owners to create professional estimates and invoices, accept online payments directly via bank transfer or credit card, and easily view past due invoices so they can stay on top of clients who owe money. First time customers can currently try QuickBooks Online free for 30 days.

Interested in applying these new integrations for your business? Small businesses in the U.S. can sign up for QuickBooks online by downloading the QuickBooks app at the G Suite Marketplace. The greatest perk is that it is user friendly on all devices, allowing you to manage your business on the go.

Currently, Google Calendar for QuickBooks is available for small businesses in the U.S. in a public beta by visiting the QuickBooks Small Business App Store. One caveat is that while the app is completely free, it is only available for QuickBooks Plus, which also offers a free trial.

With the introduction of these two app integrations, Google and Intuit have entered into an exciting partnership that is geared towards making lives easier for their customers while increasing productivity and helping them achieve their revenue goals. Small business owners across the world will benefit from this as they are able to dedicate more of their time to actually growing their business and connecting with their customers.

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Google Calendar for QuickBooks App

Billable time tracking in just one step – tracks billable time in QuickBooks Plus when you schedule events in Google Calendar. See how it works.