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Multi State Tax Compliance – Arizona Diamondbacks V Atlanta Braves

For the next 3 days the Arizona Diamondbacks will be right here in Atlanta, Georgia taking on the Atlanta Braves in a best out of three series. These next 3 days will prove to be very beneficial for the city of Atlanta because the Atlanta will be able to collect state taxes from every member of the Arizona Diamondbacks active roster. This was the perfect opportunity for us to estimate how much money the State of Georgia will collect from the top 6 earners of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Athletes’ state tax obligation formula is: [(An athlete's salary) / (number of matches or games in the season that is played in the state) * (state tax percent)]

We first need to identify what each players’ salary is for 2018.

According to the 6 highest earning players and their salaries are:

  • Zack Greinke makes~ $34mm

  • Paul Goldschmidt makes~ $11.1mm

  • A.J. Pollock makes~ $7.75mm

  • Patrick Corbin makes~ $7.5mm

  • Shelby Miller makes~ $4.9mm

  • Jake Lamb makes~ $4.275mm

The MLB season consists of 162 games each year. We know that the Georgia state tax is calculated at 6% so we have all the data we need to estimate how much the 6 highest Arizona Diamondbacks players will owe the state of Georgia.

  • Zack Greinke will owe Georgia ~ $37,778

  • Paul Goldschmidt will owe Georgia ~ $12,333

  • A.J. Pollock will owe Georgia ~ $8,611

  • Patrick Corbin will owe Georgia ~ $8,333

  • Shelby Miller will owe Georgia ~ $5,444

  • Jake Lamb will owe Georgia ~ $4,750


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