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Multi State Tax Compliance – Columbus Crew V Atlanta United

Today Atlanta United is facing the Columbus Crew in Georgia. Due to this the state of Georgia is now able to collect state tax obligations from all 30 active Columbus Crew players. These tax obligations are instrumental to Georgia’s economy. This has driven our desire to calculate approximately how much the Columbus Crew players will owe the state of Georgia.

An athletes’ out-of-state tax contribution is calculated by with the player’s salary, the number of games/matches in a sports season, the amount of days that game/match is being played in the state, and state tax percent.

[(An athlete’s salary) / (number of matches or games in the season that is played in the state) * (state tax percent)] lists the 6 top earning Columbus Crew players and their salaries as:

  • Federico Higuain makes~ $1.1mm

  • Jonathan Mensah makes~ $868K

  • Pedro Santos makes~ $794K

  • Gyasi Zardes makes~ $630K

  • Justin Meram makes~ $578K

  • Wil Trapp makes~ $550K

A MLS season has approximately 34 games. Georgia state tax is currently calculated at 6%. We have all the metrics needed to estimate approximately how much the top 6 earning Columbus Crew players will owe the state of Georgia.

  • Federico Higuain will owe Georgia ~ $1,941

  • Jonathan Mensah will owe Georgia ~ $1,534

  • Pedro Santos will owe Georgia ~ $1,402

  • Gyasi Zardes will owe Georgia ~ $1,112

  • Justin Meram will owe Georgia ~ $1,021

  • Wil Trapp will owe Georgia ~ $971


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