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NeonCRM & Quickbooks Online: Streamlining Non-Profit Accounting

NeonCRM is a cloud-based solution for non-profits. It is a software suite that helps non-profit CPAs with their non-profit bookkeeping. As a scalable software, it can help small, medium, and large non-profit organizations from a variety of industries to engage with donors, plan events, manage memberships, and track volunteers.

Core Non-Profit NeonCRM Features

NeonCRM is designed to help non-profits maximize their impact. It helps track numbers with a focus on people and not just transactions. Non-profits, like yous, need to engage donors, track volunteers, manage memberships, and plan events. Luckily, NeonCRM is a software that is all about flexibility. Its unique integrations allow it to grow as the needs of your non-profit grow. This feature makes it perfect for organizations of various sizes and focus areas.

Fundraising is at the heart of all non-profits. NeonCRM makes running a successful fundraising campaign a lot easier. It has the tools needed to engage donors, accept donations, give donors receipts, monitor cash flow, and do non-profit tax planning in harmony with state and federal regulations.

Since this is a cloud-based platform, NeonCRM provides responsible parties access to donor data wherever they are. This information can be used to segment donor communication, make adjustments to fundraising campaigns, and create new fundraising strategies based on the insights provided by this software.

How Non-Profit Accountants Use NeonCRM With QuickBooks

QuickBooks integrates with NeonCRM to make non-profit bookkeeping and monitoring clients easier. Thanks to this integration, a non-profit CPA can send records, payments, and invoices directly to their customers. You can also monitor sales receipts and transactions in QuickBooks, providing you better supervision over your non-profit.

The synchronization between NeonCRM and QuickBooks is a one-way sync. This means that data that you enter into NeonCRM will automatically be synchronized on QuickBooks. However, data you enter into Quickbooks does not get recorded on NeonCRM.

The synchronization makes the work of a non-profit accountant easier by passing six types of data, including:

  • Customer Information

  • Deposit to Accounts

  • Service Items

  • Invoice & Payments

  • Sales Receipts

  • Classes

How Does The NeonCRM & QuickBooks Online Integration Work?

The first step in the synchronization process is having NeonCRM tell QuickBooks which customer's information will be synchronized.

Next, the synchronization will create invoices and corresponding payments for all of the transactions that are pushed from NeonCRM. These records will be then be aligned with the appropriate customer records.

If you do not wish to use invoices and payments, you can instead use sales receipts during the setup process. This will create one sales receipt for every transaction pushed from NeonCRM to QuickBooks. The sales receipts will include the payment, transaction date, and customer's information. Furthermore, the payment type and payment method will also be recorded.

If you are syncing pledges, an open invoice will be created for the amount of the pledge. When the pledge payment is met, a corresponding payment will be created in QuickBooks. The synchronization between NeonCRM and QuickBooks does not allow one to sync transactions to a bank account.

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