PracticePanther: Quickbooks Online Integration Law Firm Accounting

The PracticePanther software enables our Atlanta law firm CPAs to gain a comprehensive understanding of our law firm clients' attorneys' hours. Lawyers might be working on several cases at the same time and find it difficult to manually track each billable hour. With the PracticePanther software, lawyers can manage their billable hours, cases and tasks digitally. The PracticePanther software has enabled our accountants to create better reports detailing our law practice client's monthly expenses.

Manage Clients, Cases & Tasks

During an important legal case, an attorney might be very preoccupied collecting evidence, taking affidavits and representing their clients in court. At the end of the day, the law firm wants said lawyer to record their billable hours. Our law firm bookkeepers have found that the PracticePanther software is a great way for lawyers to track their billable hours. Our law firm clients praise the customizability of the PracticePanther software. Attorneys can efficiently manage clients, cases and tasks. In some ways, it the system operates like a digital calendar, and with a few clicks lawyers can complete a New Time Entry. The contact, matter, time and description can be filled in quickly. There is even a PracticePanther stopwatch, allowing a lawyer to track time on-the-go. The PracticePanther app is available for Web, iPhone, Android or Windows.

Track Billable Hours Anywhere

Attorneys constantly need to visit their clients, courts and crime scenes. The PracticePanther software allows them to track their time anywhere. Furthermore, our law firm clients have praised the fact that they don't have to continually remind lawyers to fill in their billable hours due to the automatic payment reminders feature. Law firm managers can easily track which billable hours were credited to which case. This capability has made our clients’ billing, more accurate due to Atlanta law firm bookkeepers being able to complete billing and invoicing tasks faster. This PracticePanther software has one-click billing and five-star review ratings for its superior, intuitive features.

Automatic Payment Reminders

The PracticePanther software has helped law firms (of all sizes) balance their books. Our Atlanta law firm accountants aid out law firm clients with integrating PracticePanther into the QuickBooks Online platform. After integration is complete they reconcile the PracticePanther transactions in the QuickBooks Online platform. It is important to note that data can be integrated from PracticePanther into QuickBooks Online but this cannot be done not vice versa. This allows our accountants to combine the versatility of the QuickBooks Online platform with the PracticePanther software features. All in all, lawyers like the speed and ease with which they can bill their clients by utilizing the PracticePanther software. This allows them to spend more time serving their clients and growing their firms.


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