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Project Management & Accounting With Forecast

Forecast is a platform that provides marketing, consulting, and other project-based firms an excellent way to budget projects and manage accounting records. It offers a visual and intuitive way for our marketing firm accountants to monitor projects and plan future expenses. Furthermore, the platform makes responsibilities like marketing firm bookkeeping easier thanks to its holistic real-time overview of all financial data. Business owners, like you, can drill down on data to get a clearer picture of every element you have. Subsequently, this makes your marketing firm tax planning easier and more accurate.

Marketing Firm Accounting Features That Make Forecast Stand Out

Most marketing firms are working with a finite amount of capital. Any oversight by an accountant could have significant detrimental effects on the financial viability of your business. Forecast helps address this issue by:

  • Providing a clear overview of the health of all projects based on cost, revenue, and profit

  • Giving an easy to understand overview of project financials. This feature allows you or those tasked by you the ability to follow the progression of a project and make decisions based on real-time insight as opposed to reacting to and collecting outdated data

  • Highlighting points of billability and comparing those with what has already been invoiced, guaranteeing that the project is proceeding as planned and minimizing the chance of a change of request

Forecast Allows You To Take Control Of Your Project Accounting

A significant challenge faced by advertising firm owners doing their marketing firm’s accounting is not having access to all of the information needed to accurately maintain their books. Forecast allows you to access every data you need whenever you need it. The dashboard presents a high-level picture of your company’s finances. You can also adjust the view and filter to see only the information you need based on category, week, day, or month.

With Forecast, you can monitor the total price of your project and related expenses. The “Work Details” feature allows you to visualize the profits, costs, and revenue each role and milestone has generated. The “Expense Details” feature gives you an overview of the profit and cost of your project, helping you determine the correct amount of bill your client. It will help you visualize what you already invoiced and what you haven’t. All of these features take the guesswork out of your marketing firm bookkeeping.

Using Forecast With QuickBooks Online

Integrating Forecast with QuickBooks Online allows you to connect your project data to your accounting system in a seamlessly. The combined systems will let you send reported time straight to QuickBooks, allowing you to create invoices automatically. This information is then transferred to your ledger, which helps you avoid wasting time and human errors.

Installing Quickbooks to Forecast is incredibly easy. The first thing you need to do is to log in to your Forecast account. You then need to go to the integrations section of Forecast, where you can find and click on the Quickbooks logo. After doing this step, click the “Install” button and follow the following questions.

If you find these steps confusing, our knowledgeable marketing firm accountants can help you out. We can also assist you in matching your accounts to make sure the system works smoothly.

Benefiting From Marketing Firm CFO Financial Advisory

Utilizing a team of marketing firm CFO advisers can help you get a clearer view of your financial standing and identify the ideal strategic approach for financial management. Part of the small business CFO advisory services we offer includes helping our clients see how platforms like Forecast, when integrated with QuickBooks, can give them a clearer picture and more control over their company’s finances. Our team of financial advisers is looking forward to helping you grow your business. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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