Questions from the Intern: Importance of Technology

As a CPA firm, the greatest benefit we get from utilizing technology is saving time. Fusion has gone completely paperless. This means no more searching through file cabinets and no more documents getting lost. This saves us a substantial amount of time in every aspect of the work we do. Returns can get filed quicker and records can be referenced faster. This allows us to take on more clients or service bigger ones.

We also consider how a client’s technology affects their business. Our CEO, Trevor McCandless, CPA, emphasizes how all the work we do is to help our clients’ bottom lines, and how understanding technology is a huge part of that.

  • When working with taxes, we have to know things like what kind of accounting software is used and how transactions are recorded.
  • When advising our clients on business strategy, we have to consider how their Sales & Operations systems intertwine with their Financial Forecasts. This involves report generation from their customer management and project management platforms.
  • When advising clients on what technology is best for their business, we have to focus on which tech will give them the most useful data to analyze. With this data we have to be able to quickly understand their key Performance Indicators.

Trevor also pointed out how technology is changing the landscape for CPA’s. As software like Quickbooks makes traditional accounting work more and more automated, we have to look for different ways to add value to our clients. Part of that is using what different systems tell us to forecast and plan for the future.

We use technology to help our clients get a wider perspective of what makes their business successful and what they can do to prepare for what’s next. By stepping back and looking at the big picture of how all the parts in a business function together, we can find ways to improve efficiency, plan for the future, and help our clients thrive.