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Storage Company Accounting: Easy Storage Solutions & Quickbooks Online

Owning a storage company provides you opportunities to grow your net worth. It offers various benefits to its owners compared to other forms of business. This fact is especially true if you own a self-service storage company. However, for you to maximize your business’s potential, you need to have a dependable storage company accounting software by your side. Easy Storage Solutions’ tagline, “Only Affordable Software Built by Storage Owners, for Storage Owners,” perfectly captures the program’s history and quality. Easy Storage solution was created by close friends Ken Hendrickson and Jimmy Sorenson, who both knew the hardships of owning a storage business.

Owing to their insights, Easy Storage Solution was created to cater to almost all the accounting and financial needs of storage businesses such as billing automation, financial reports, and third-party integrations. To help you leverage Easy Storage Solutions for your storage company bookkeeping, our team of storage company CPAs listed below the top features of the program.

Simplified Billing & Financial Reporting

Easy Storage Solutions' recurring billing feature allows you and your clients to enroll their ACH or Debit/Credit cards to charge them for their balances automatically. Through the same functionality, you can also save the billing information of your tenants so that you can easily bill them upon their authorization.

Your financial reports will provide you an overview of your storage company’s performance. Our team of storage company accountants can likewise use your financial statements to help you formulate strategies for your business. Easy Storage Solutions offers a long list of real-time financial reports. These reports include

  • Check Batches - groups received checks based on your preferred grouping

  • Lost Revenue - lists the monthly price of unoccupied storage spaces

  • Expected Revenue - lists the monthly price of occupied storage spaces

  • Future Revenue - shows your expected rental fees to be received on a specified month

  • Collections - shows all your receivable rent

  • Revenues - shows all your successful transactions for a specified period

  • Yearly Revenues - shows a summary of your transactions during a specified year

  • Monthly Deposits - shows your paid, refunded, and forfeited deposits for a specified month

  • Sales - shows your cash flows for a specific period

  • Total Deposits - shows actual deposit on hand

  • Credit Without Payment - shows unpaid credits

  • Refunds - shows your refunds for a specified period

  • Declined Credit Cards - lists all declined credit card transactions during a period

  • Alterations- shows changes you made to transactions, rental history, customer profile, gate access, and recurring billing.

  • Accrual - shows unpaid rent for specified durations

  • Retail Sales- shows invoiced sales during a period

  • Occupancy - shows currently occupied space

  • Occupancy History - list previous transactions with clients, Divided into economic occupancy, area occupancy, and facility.

  • Recurring Fees - A least of all auto-billed occupants

  • Payment Processing - Monthly Summary

  • Payment Processing - Deposits

  • Daily Close Batches - helps you audit actual cash amounts in register to actual cash transactions for the period.

Easy Storage Solutions & Quickbooks Accounting Integration

Quickbooks has made a name all over the world with its storage company accounting features. Although it is complete accounting software, there are still some functionalities that Quickbooks cannot do alone. Hence, this is where a Quickbooks and Easy Storage Solutions come in. By integrating, all tenant information, tenant invoice history, and tenant payment history will be synchronized between the two platforms. Easy Storage Solutions provides its very own interface to help you with the integration.

Here at Fusion CPA, we provide storage companies with accounting services including bookkeeping, tax planning & CFO advisory. We can help you implement the powerful storage company software solutions to improve efficiency within your business operations. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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