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Strategies For Success: Accounting & Tax Planning For IaaS Firms

Lacking time to think about IaaS accounting after you're done onboarding new developers, mapping out new services, and planning client presentations? That makes you exactly like most busy tech leaders or startup owners. Unfortunately, that could be a sore spot for growth. Savvy IaaS bookkeeping strategies help many tech companies boost capital and reduce tax liability. Let's explore how streamlining your IaaS accounting strategy with help from IaaS financial advisers could potentially leave you with more capital to reinvest in your firm.

Why IaaS Tax Planning Is Far From Standard

There may be days when you envy someone who runs a more "conventional" business purely due to the fact that taxes may be complicated for firms that deliver cloud-based services. Yes, handling tax obligations as what is technically a multi-state business can be confusing when the services and solutions you provide are transmitted through the cloud instead of on a truck. It's important to understand your obligations to collect and pay taxes in the states where your customers and clients are located on the basis of tax nexus. It's even more important to use an automated, intelligent platform that's going to work out some of the "reporting end" of that for you. This may help you to avoid overpaying or underpaying taxes around the county.

Deductions and payroll taxes are the other two "big ones" for IaaS tax planning. You may be juggling a mix of employees and contractors because you see that as the best way to afford and access top tech talent. However, you may also have some questions about how to realign capital toward benefits and perks to shift to attracting better full-time talent. There's also the issue of knowing whether to classify someone who provides services to you as a consultant or vendor for tax purposes. Digging around in the numbers to see where there's room to bring on the best talent without necessarily increasing payroll costs substantially is crucial for growing tech firms.

How to Be Confident About Daily, Quarterly, Annual, and Strategic IaaS Bookkeeping

You might be concerned that you're simply recording the numbers instead of configuring the numbers to gain insights and fuel profit. IaaS bookkeeping should go beyond simply counting money in and money out. A comprehensive accounting strategy centralizes billing, accounts payable, payroll, and tax planning using multiple dashboards that all feed into the same platform. This is how growing firms achieve accountability and insights. It's also how they do it without vastly expanding payroll for their finance teams.

Many Options to Explore for the Single Goal of Smarter Operations

Getting the outside perspective of IaaS financial advisors may be a great way to audit your processes and procedures to spot potential room for improvement. Aligning accounting and tax planning with your firm's goals can make it easier to visualize the growth you want. It may also remove some of the tax anxiety you may be having as new clients in new markets create uncertainty about tax nexus. At Fusion CPA, our IaaS financial advisers are passionate about bringing cutting-edge finance and tax strategies to tech firms. It can be beneficial to bring in an IaaS CPA even if you have an in-house accounting department. Our IaaS CFO business advisory services are intended to support your current operations by providing access to insights and practical applications. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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