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VIEWPOINT: Improving Your Construction Accounting

Construction accountants have used ViewPoint Software to forecast and calculate revenue for various jobs. This helps construction firms create the right budget - supplies, equipment, and manpower - for each project. Thankfully, the Viewpoint Construction Software has a full suite of modules to choose from.

Construction Job Costing

Construction projects have become more complicated with numerous stakeholders, who all want to be kept in the loop. With the Viewpoint Construction Software, the office, team and field workers can all view the same data simultaneously. This can improve accounting, bidding, costing, revenue forecasting, scheduling, and task completion. The Construction industry has the lauded Viewpoint Accounting, Job Costing, Projections, and Financial Planning features. Construction firms can use Viewpoint for management of their Documents, Equipment, Projects and Risk too. This budget management software is useful for construction firms of any size.

Valuable ViewPoint Accounting

Unfortunately, the ViewPoint set-up process has a steep learning curve. Though, the system is good for simple projects. Viewpoint allows workers to view project status data and have real-time access to critical information. The centralization of data prevents duplication, improves scheduling and enables for contingency planning. All parties can view problems remotely and adjust their schedules accordingly. The ViewPoint System allows you to manage purchase orders, invoice approvals, revenue forecasts, bills and payroll processing. The dashboards, reports and Business Intelligence (BI) tools help contractors get a more in-depth understanding of their finances. Our construction industry CPAs can create multi-level financial reports to satisfy different stakeholders. You can view real-time YTD actuals or real-time forecasts. You have more power over your budget and staffing requirements when you use ViewPoint.

Select Best ViewPoint Module

Companies can choose from a full suite of ViewPoint products, including ViewPointOne, Vista, Spectrum, ProContractor, Viewpoint Team, Viewpoint Field View, Viewpoint Field Time, Viewpoint Estimating, Viewpoint HR Management, and Viewpoint Field Management. Each module is very specific to a field, so it allows for more efficient processing of data. It is easy to move financial data between modules and companies using Viewpoint.

Gain Data Visibility

The ViewPoint Construction Software does not have QuickBooks online integration. ViewPoint does integrate with AvidXChange, Cosential, ExakTime, FieldConnect, InStaff and Service Pro though. Our construction firm accountants can use the cloud-based Viewpoint Software to organize data, to provide clients visibility into their core financial data points. The Viewpoint platform is a good integration of project management and accounting functionality.


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