YARDI: Advancing Real Estate Accounting

The Yardi Real Estate Software provided our Atlanta real estate CPAs with a number of powerful tools to manage, track and report on our client's financials. Our accounting tasks helped reveal important financial trends to our real estate business owners. With Yardi, we had the data to help our clients grow their businesses.

Real Estate Data Management

As real estate firms add more properties to their wealth portfolios, they will need better property management software to help them with staying organized. Yardi Property Management Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform is tailored for the full range of real estate service companies, including single, multifamily, office, affordable, student, government and investment property. Our Atlanta real estate tax specialists appreciate this versatility because we are able to compare the financials of different real estate sectors using the same system. Our clients can use Yardi for marketing, leasing, property management, procurement, energy, investment management, and market data. Yardi works well for any sized real estate company.

Providing Valuable Property Solutions

The Yardi Property Management Software allows users to centralize data, track profitability, lease management, automate workflow and provide Business Intelligence (BI).Our Atlanta real estate CPAs can use Yardi Matrix to provide them with a comprehensive view of different real estate markets. This powerful market Business Intelligence provides data at both the micro and macro levels. These features can be particularly useful for the property market sub-categories of Acquisition, Brokerage, Loan Origination, Portfolio Analysis, Property Underwriting, and Third-Party Management. For example, Yardi provides sales origination, prospecting and preliminary underwriting features for those who are in the business of property acquisition.

Yardi Matrix Business Intelligence

Yardi Matrix tracks multifamily properties of 50+ units in more than 133 United States property markets. The financial data includes rent, occupancy, sales, and pipeline forecasts. Our Atlanta real estate CPAs provide clients with specific information, such as rental market health, economic conditions, supply & demand, seasonal outlooks and the impact of tax laws. This Business Intelligence can help our clients better manage their property portfolios.


Yardi does not have QuickBooks online integration. Yardi does offer more than 250+ third-party interfaces with systems such as Domum Link, Nexus Systems, PayYourRent, and Property Vista - mostly property-related programs. You can use Yardi Voyager on the Web or mobile devices (Android, Mac, iPhone or Windows based). No business can remain stagnant and survive for long. While many businesses understand their basic bottom line, they hire our Atlanta real estate tax specialists to gain deeper insight. The Yardi Software allows us to help our clients grow their businesses. They have a full suite of products that can be used for very specific tasks in the property market (i.e. Deal Manager, Investment Management or RENTMaximizer). As your business grows, you can purchase a new Yardi product to help you climb the ladder of success.


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